Friday, October 17

i am so bored i want to kill my self just so i would have some thing to do
not really i am bored but not suicidal (not yet at least)
i have had nothing to do for what seems like a decade and believe me the first week or two at the most can be fun but after that it is like i just want to scream
i have been reading a book called DELTA FORCE it is why and how delta force was created it is written by the founder of delta force Charles beckworth now i am not stupid and think every word of it is true given the topic secret kind of stuff it is talking about but the basics of it is true i am sure i do not read that many books and i read even less books of a military nature but this one is good i am almost done with it

Wednesday, October 15

well i am back i never got up from the keyboard i decided to go to weblog to see if my blog was there cause i checked the box to have my blog pinged over to weblog but it wasnt there so ha whats up with that
any way i started to look around and i came onto a lesbian web site so i looked around it for a bit then they had a link to a preacher man web site that was for homosexual marriages i assume
well i know have a question that i have to find a answer for that is since we no longer follow the levitcal law of the old testament how come it is that we have pulled one law out of it and said you must follow this law
i mean do people keep the other levitcal laws i dont think so
there is laws concerning the Sabbath as what you can and can not do but do any Christians out there know what the Sabbath laws are or does any one even know what the rest of the levitcal laws are
before we start a national debate concerning one of the levitcal laws we better have done our home work and know what we are talking about
dont get me wrong i think that homosexuality is wrong
but i also believe you should hate the sin and help/love the sinner
but this is also a question that HAS TO ANSWERED for us to go any farther with this national debate

well i am going to go now and i really am going to be getting up from this seat cause it is way late and i have to get up in another couple of hours i had no idea it was this late
but first i am going back to check weblog to see if i was pinged over there yet then i am gone i promise

Tuesday, October 14

well i have just spent a hell of a long time trying figure out how to acces my page (this one) from the web cause they said that you could and i finaly did it i had to play around and screw with stuff for awhile but then i figured out that to acces this page from the web you do not type in the whole title cause there are only some many charcter that the computer well allow so what it came out as was http://someofwhatithink.blogspot.com not http://someofwhatithinkabout.blogspot.com i also tried http://someofwhatith.blogspot.com cause that is how it appeard on the instruction page for my site
i am happy now

well i over heard to day at dinner that we have a date for leaveing here which is cool but if it was a couple of more days after that i would be getting paid for a another whole month for only a couple of dayz but what the hell i well be glad to get back to germany which is where i am home stationed for another couple of months

can you answer something for me how the hell did arnlod get elected to be gov. of cali when to my knowedge he only had one debate and dodged most of the political questions given him i mean i have nothing against arnoled but was he realy the best chose if i was running against him i would be think right about now that the people must realy hate me if they thought he could do better them me i mean come the hell on he has no political expernce what so ever a high schools student body presidint has more expernce then he did
but hell if he wants the job take i sure the hell wouldnt want it you get blammed for everything

well i was thinking today that i do not want to move back home to live with my mom not permentaly if i am there for a couple of months ok i mean i do love my mom and all but its the old thing that i want to make it on my on but that is going to mean that i am going to be living like a poor poor man i am depending on the money situation when i get out of the army going to be buying a pop up camper so then there is a posable that i would live in that but even thought the bathroom would be just alittle small but i would then have to decide if i would want to live with my mom or live in that
in life there are always chose's and some times there is no right or wrong chose its just a matter of what one preffers

well i was reading in a bible i got here in kuwait the bible has differnt spots in it where it has pictures and stuff with quets and one of them was on worshiping god this is not the whole thing cause i dont have it here with me right now but it went something like this worship is listening to god thourgh songs and words but it realy takes effect when your life has been changed by it and i agree with that -- that is for sure when you walk in gods will it is like being happy you dont think about being happy you just are and then one day you look back and you say to your self you know what i am happy that is the way it is with following gods will it takes just doing real simple things (but hard to do) but doing them daily and you begin to be happy
i have said that having sex before marriage is wrong in the past and it is but you could also relate this to a women taking birth control pills if she does a small thing daily then she can have all the sex she wants and not have to deal with the posableilty of a kid but she has to do the simple thing daily of the taking the pill
yes i am aware that i have a very weird sence of relating thing to one another but i am right you have to admit that

i am beginging to be worried cause i see a problem developing the problem is that i am begining to mix the letters of words up instead of typing " what" i will type "hwat" i have just noticed this here recently i dont think i have done this before i dont think that i have done this when i write with pen and paper

if any one is reading this that they should give there support to the web page crosswalk it is a good site one that i think people should use
the christian community needs to stick together a little more then we do--we do not do that good of a job supporting one another
well i cant think of any thing else i want to say so i well see you later alegater
of course within minutes of walking away i well have something that i thought why the hell didnt i say that on my blog but then it well have to what for another day unless it is just so good that i have to come back and type it in
but it is getting late and i think i am going to go and see if there is any thing intersting on the tv in the mwr tent
then go back to my tent and and go to sleep

why ooo why didnt i take the blue pill

i wonder if a person that had a nice life no major problems or difficulties would ever even get close to there true potenial
it is like a old star trek classic show the one where capt. kirk was captured and brought to a place where they would give him every thing he ever wanted but he could never leave he would always be a prisioner he told them that humans needed problems to over come in order to live and funchion i am starting to under stand this more we have to be at least a little messed up to be happy if things are to perfect we suspect something is wrong or we are never pushed to be better

Monday, October 13

you should check out the baby blue comic today it is pretty funny
i have figured out that the time stamp on my logs are not right the day is though
well i have all ready typed this once before but it got lost some how i hate have to retype cause it is alot better the first time then the second so screw it i aint retyping those thoughs well have to come out another day

abc 123 gummy bears are chasing me some are red some are blue oh no the yellow one just ate my shoe

we had steak tonight for dinner ate the chow hall
if you remeber that you are in kuwait the food can be pretty good

why o why didnt i take the blue pill
these are a few links that are worth looking at
crosswalk is a site that has a lot of things on it it is a christian based web site but dont judge it before you try it
cornerstone is another christian based web site but it is a little more muature but still a good look
glenn kasier is the front man-singer for rez band-music to raise the dead-it has alot of stuff on it ---he has a web blog you can acces --pastorial stuff music stuff all around general reading stuff

hello well i thought i would give this a try so if i screw this thing up you well have to remeber that i am a newbie here so cut me some slack
a little bit about me to start this thing with
i am white man in my mid thirtys
i am in the army for about another 6 months or so
i well have been in the army for close to ten years at the end of this contract (army)
i have never been married
i am a hedersexual male
i am a christian
you show it to me in the bible and if you are not talking the bible out of context i well beleive you type of guy

well where should i began i have been around computers for a long time my dad was a computer programmer at the start of the computer age i am at the very start before there where that many programers out there he was working at a garage i think doing janitoral and a memo came down from the coporate office saying that the garage had to send some one to a computer programer school and that the company was going to pay for it so he volunterd and he stayed in the programing field ever since well i was a typical all american boy i loved my country and and apple pie too so i also wanted to do what my dad did and as it turned the more i did on computers the more i found that i have a natural talend for computers

well they say that if you talk about or write down and reread what you are feeling then it helps to clear up what you realy want or how you reaky feel so that is what thisis going to be all about

well right now i am at the end of a deployment to iraq 8 months maybe going into the ninth before i fly outa here so i am sitting in kuwait with not that much to do

i am all mixed up on the in side of me no its not cause i saw bloody bodys and shit cauze i didnt we did come under attack almost ever day though but they coulnt fight there way out of a wet paper bag (iraq miltia) i was lucky enough to get out of iraq right as thet began to ger orgainzed so we were worried but not that much
have you ever found your self doing all the wrongs things but did them any wayz and knew that you were messing up your life well thats the where i am right now
i know that if i did all the small things like laundry and keeping my area clean and orgainzed that i would be happier
i knew that if i read my bible daily and guy to church when i can that i well be a happier person
i know that if i put my mind on the things of crist i well be happier
but you know i do not do this stuff very often so them i am more vunerable to spirtual attacks
i am a normale american christian guy so that means that the number one area i struggle with (sin) is in the area of sex or things of a sexualy nature and more specifiacly thoughts of a sexual nature

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