Saturday, October 25

well i lost control for a few seconds yesterday i went the hell of on this guy dont get me wrong this guys a ass but i went off on him when i shouldnt of it wasnt a very pretty site
i am starting to loss control a little which isnt good i need to get the hell back to hanau so it can easy up a little but i really need to get the hell out cause i dont give a fuck any more and it is going to get me in trouble here real soon if i am not careful but thats the problem i dont give a fuck if i do get in trouble or not i might also get hurt cause i might go off on some guy then we start fighting and i would probable loss and get hurt but like i said i dont give a fuck any more i haven't for a couple of months now for real but it is starting to be more and more obvious
well since i am paying for this now i am going to go now see you later
well we are now finshed with moving vehicales to the port YIPPIE
we put our names on a list for a flight 2 days ago i think so all we do now is wait a couple of dayz hopfully its less for our names to be on the top of the list but we have like 12 people maybe so we all have to fly together so that will make it a little harder to get a plane but it should be no longer then what i said

what is up with all this bitching about spam mail dont this idiots now how to not get it well let me say a thing or two
first of all when you create your account you have to say no that you do not want to be put in there phone book and two no you do not not promoinal offers i dont give a fuck if the company thinks they are valid or not
second threaten death to every one you know if they give your email account to any bussiness
third dont you give your account out to every yahoo on the net that wants to send you something
fourth have two accounts one you pay for like AOL or MSN and the second is free like at hotmail or yahoo and the free one is the one you give out to bussines that want a email addrses
this way when you go to the free email site you look only for the bussines name you gave the email to read it then delte the rest
if you follow this simple rules you well get very small amount of spam
pressto problem solved

Monday, October 20

well i am happy to report that i am one step closer to leaving this missed up country
i have moved to the base with the airport on it and now i have to work for a couple of days then wait a couple of more days before i can fly back to germany yippie

Sunday, October 19

well i forgot to say that i found a good blog on weblog i liked it it is called angelic warrior you should check him out

remeber if you need to get a hold of a good basic web site good to crosswalk

well that is it i am going to go and eat then i might be back if there is some thing that is just to good not to report here

here is some of what i was going to tell you or time permiting all of it lets start with what really pissed me off when i read it this is taken from stars and strips and for those of you not familar with it, it is a daily newspaper that is the offical word of the milarty dated friday the 17th 2003 in the middle east edition it is the articale called the many dispartities of life in iraq on page four it says " "its pretty obvious" Mac-Donald said "not every one can have a place like this " [refering to the palace mwr complex in tikrit] --a fact that some field officers say they try to keep there troops from seeing [a fieled officer is i think a major or higher] the next paragraph says "i dont want my soliders coming up here"said one senior commander in the 101st air born division surveying the swimming pool at the "screaming eagles" [a nick name for the 10st air born division] head quarters at a palace in mosul "i dont want them to see how good the division staff has it"

this is a bunch of bullshit the army only has a few of the mwr facilitys were soliders can go and relax and as you can see the chain of command [army manegmeant] does even want there soliders to be able to use them if thier there this is bullshit casue i can gurante you that the generals have video confernce with there family every night i can say this cause i was there
i went through the newspaper and circled about half of the dam thing that pissed me off but i would be here all day with how slow i type so i well only give one or two things

on a good note here is one
same date as above page 6 at a a base called q west affes has not reached there yet [affes is a army retail store] so what the chain of command has allowed is for the soliders to volunter there time [and they bring a semi trailer to a px and buy stuff to fill it up and them drive the semi truck back to the base so the soliders well have the basics to buy] and has allowed local vendors on to the base to sell there goods to soliders
the [ ] marks means the articale didnt say this but because i was there on the ground i know how the system works
this is a very good chain of command and they should be praised for looking out for there soliders moral thank you

another strange but typical thing is also from the same paper same date and same page a fourth ID soliders were given a A/C unit but did not have the power to run it so it just sets outside there tent this was on camp pack horse south tikrit

one more story is from the same date same paper on page 9
the emional high is two fold right now said capt ed gawlik commander of the 68th transpertaion company as he dismissed the soliders it's great that everyone has returned to there familys but it's sad that the time we spent together down there is over
well mr company commander man what the hell are you saying if you like it so much stay there but let your troops leave cause they dont want to be there so f*** that

well i could go on all day like this but there are other things i want to do i am sure there is something in todays paper that is bad to but i well limit it to a couple of things instead of wanting to say something about the whole paper

i well say this though about the natinal guard and reserve they are getting screwed cause they aint got the political power that the regular army does
but think about this we the active amy are doing more tours then you are we are pulled out of one tour to get ready to go on another and that aint no joke folkes

about the WMD i am sure that iraq has them but i am not that sure that they have a WMD programe which means they develop there own weapons in there own country
lets think about this people it would be easy to move a couple of nukes around so the inspecters could not find them

you know what i think is realy funny about the box cutter getting on the airline is that we know have all this securiuty and they are still getting through ha ha ha this is some funny shit man
you know how easy it is to get some thing by a inspecter i should know i have been a searcher for people coming on to a army base for long a long time

well this has gotten long again so i well get out by hidden box knife and cut it short ha ha ha i just kill my self i am so funny
here is a stars and strips link

now about the beer drinking team i promised thought i had forget didnt you well you would be right but then i remeberd i have not gone there yet but here is the link www.usbdt.com
drink up and enjoy but be responable about it call a cab or get a non drinker to drive you home or to the next bar

Hello my new old friend Mr blog
well as it is starting to turn out that i am spending time reading other people blogs instead of making my own i dont know if this is a good or bad thing but before i signed on and some times even when i dont signed on i look to the left to see what other blogs have been mad and i preview them or i go to weblog and i can be there for a long time i found out a little trick i found it by accident the way most tricks a discovered i have never signed on to weblog dont need to cause on the home page you right click the mouse and the close the menu and you have a couple of hundred web logs to chose from to read

well about the book delta force you can get it here avonbooks that takes you to harberbooks just type the name of the book into the search box on your upper right and your in business
but when i went there to see if my favorite book in the world out side of religious material that is was there sadly it was not but some of his other books were there and it mention the ones i liked they are

all i really need to know i learned in kindergarten---it was on fire when I layed down on it -----uh-oh------maybe maybe not

i think the reason why i like this books is the fact they are simple yet funny but yet real story's of course in the first book the author robert fulghum tells you that he takes creative license in rearranging some facts to make the story funnier when i first read the kindergarten book i couldnt put it down it was that good another reason it is so good is it is a bunch of short stories i have read the book so many times in sections i know most of the stories by heart
then he published the next book it was not that good it was called rituals from beginning to end he used the same method of writing as he did before but he is not a Christian but it did not matter that much with his previous books but in this one it really did and cause this book had a lot to do with religion i had read half of the book then said no more but then he redeemed him self with the next two books one is a story book of true love story's what he did was sat at a outside restaurant in seattle with a sign that said some thing like tell me a love story and people did as they did he wrote them down and put them together and made a book out of it i think it is called true love story's i read this whole book it was good the other is a collection of things he wishes he wrote i read part of this book but never bought it but is was good i well by it some day and read the whole thing but as of now i dont recall the name of the book
well i have said a lot about these books cause the first four books he wrote has made a big impact on my life i am able to easily relax when i read them and that is not something i do easily these days/years so that is a good thing i would say

well you remember when i said my bible has quotes in it with pictures well here are the ones i like i brought my bible to get the quotes right "heaven is full of answers to prayers for which no one ever bothered to ask"billy grahm
"worship is in partlistening to what god might say to us, through music, through words, through fellowship, it is also our esponse to what he speaks. worship has occurred when life responds with a openness as to how good might change our lives " c. neil strait----the part in bold is what i like best
"a Christian should always remember that the value of his good works is not based on there number and excellence but on the love of god which promts him to do those things."saint john of the cross

heres some comedy for you all from the desert voice magazine
if nothing can stick to teflon how does it stick to the pan
if your vehicle could travel at the speed of light what would happen when you turn on your head lights
if the cops arrest a mime do they tell him he has the right to remain silent
why do they lock gas station bath rooms? are the affaid some one well clean them?
is it possible to be totally partial
if a parsley farmer is sued can they garnish his wages
how do they get a deer to cross at that yellow sign
why is it when you are driving and you are looking for a addresses you turn down the volume on the radio
i've been married 14 years thats like 100 in husband years

well i had planned on writing a piece on things i have seen in the newspaper but i did a lot of other stuff on the web before i started to blog and it is very late now so i should go and i also read on another blog about how blogs should not be so long and that made since to me so i well tell you about the stuff in the newspaper tomorrow like the new US beer drinking team no i am not kidding it really exist but you well have to tune in tomorrow at the same bat time and the same bat channel to find out more

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